Cemetery Tour to Explore Rahway in the Civil War

This year’s cemetery tour, “The Civil War Comes to Rahway,” will focus on former residents of the city who served, fought, and in some cases died in the War Between the States as well as private citizens affected by the conflict. The tours will be given on Sunday, October 2 in the historic Rahway Cemetery where 304 Civil War veterans are interred.

During the tour, visitors will be guided to selected graves where they will meet the “ghosts” and hear their stories. A soldier who fought for both the North and the South, the highest ranking officer buried in the cemetery, a mother whose son was killed at Gettysburg, a slave woman, an Army chaplain, a nurse, a soldier who was killed at Petersburg, and a member of the United States Colored Troops are a sampling of the 14 reenactors who will be present.

The educational tours, suitable for all ages, begin at noon with the final tour of the day leaving at 4:00. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for members and seniors, and $5 for students. For more information, call the museum office at 732-381-0441.

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