Learning Center: Genealogy Courses | FamilySearch.org

Have you used this resource?  It’s another FREE webinar option for you to strengthen your genealogical education!  The Learning Center hosted by FamilySearch now has 315+ online genealogy research courses available.

This online educational tool features instructional videos for over 25 specific countries while others focus on basic tools and techniques for anyone just getting started in family history research.  Intermediate and advanced researchers, fear not!  There are 20+ courses designed for you too.

Don’t Have Time?  Not to Worry!
Most courses are under one hour in length and are presented in either a video or audio format.  A good number of presentations include slides or handouts to accompany the lecture.

Researching in Another Country?
Another very useful area to genealogists is a series of courses on foreign languages. These include Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Scandinavian Gothic, and Spanish. For example, there are five courses focusing on German:

  • German Script Tutorial
  • My Ancestors Are from Germany, and I Don’t Speak German!
  • Reading German Handwritten Records Lesson 1: Kurrent Letters
  • Reading German Handwritten Records Lesson 2: Making Words in Kurrent
  • Reading German Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Reading Kurrent Documents

NOTE:  The titles are taken directly from the FamilySearch website.  “Kurrent Letters” auf Deutsch ist “Modern Letters” in English.

Expand your genealogical horizons today… Grab a cup of hot chocolate, choose a topic, sit back and enjoy your learning experience!

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